Custom American Classics, Hot Rod and Muscle Car design & restoration

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Whether you’re still choosing the right chassis for your first project build or have a project that just needs the finishing touches then we can give you the right advice. Our specialists have over 60 years experience at the top of the world stage so we know how to get it finished right.

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Classics, Lowriders & Custom cars. We specialise in mechanical work and restorations of most Australian, European & American vehicles from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s including vintage and historical collectable cars. Based in Shepparton, Victoria we can help you with any element of your custom car journey.

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Exactly as the term implies, muscle cars are a legacy of the American car industry adhearing to the hot rodder’s philosophy of taking a small car and putting a large displacement engine in it. The muscle car is renouned for being designed for straight line speed; we enjoy making them turn well too!

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We don’t just love cars Made in the USA! We have worked on a large number of historic and modern European vehicles from brands including Porsche, BMW, Mercedes, Rolls Royce, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Aston Martin and many more. European vehicles require a specialist level of skill and equipment and we are often relied upon for this unique expertise.

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The term ‘ground up’ is often thrown around without much thought, but our philosophy starts before we even touch the ground. Our customisation factory in Shepparton, Victoria will assist you with every element of the customisation process, from the whiteboard renderings to the dashboard colouring. We live the custom car journey every day.

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Our R&D Team has worked to produce some of the world’s most well received automotive parts and accessories; including applications in both OE and Aftermarket sectors. With a solid engineering and fabrication background, we are ahead of the curve when it comes to your exacting requirements for any and all required parts.

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[featured_icon_box title=”Results Focus” icon=”fa fa-bar-chart-o”]From your first contact with our specialist vehicle engineer you will notice an acute attention to detail. From best in class awards at the concourse to record breaking quarter mile runs, our projects are guided from inception to podium with precision.[/featured_icon_box]
[featured_icon_box title=”Road Proven” icon=”fa fa-road”]Our vehicles aren’t meant to sit in mothballs. We engineer each of our projects with a standard unparalleled by OE manufacturers. Our parts are fresh from the racers catalogue. Our projects are guaranteed to move your mind, body and soul.[/featured_icon_box]
[featured_icon_box title=”Race Craft ” icon=”fa fa-flag-checkered”]If the era of gentleman racing drivers has ended, their motoring legacy lives strong in our hearts. We have lived and breathed in motorsport for our entire lives and have had the honor of working alongside some of the world’s most talented racing personalities.[/featured_icon_box]
[featured_icon_box title=”Full Customisation” icon=”fa fa-dashboard”]Our team is well known around the globe to perform at the top tier of advanced levels in vehicle design and construction. End-to-end customisation gives you the ability to design every facet of your build to your utmost standards.[/featured_icon_box]


Southern Rod & Custom are Australia’s Premier Vehicle Restoration and Car Modification Specialist. With a rich heritage at the forefront of the World’s automotive stage, including the SEMA Show in Las Vegas, SRC is a cut above. Based out of a world-class facility in Shepparton, Victoria – we pride ourselves on offering domestic and international clients a truly bespoke experience.

Southern Rod & Custom has the equipment, tools and service that makes us stand out!

Formed in 1988 by Shane Rowe, Southern Rod & Custom has grown to become one of the most respected and recognised names in the car building industry.

With over 400 builds under our belt (including multiple award winners) and having built cars for some of the most respected names alongside some of the biggest manufacturer names we look forward to many more makes years of success.

We are here to fulfil your dreams of the ultimate custom car build, whether it be a full-on show car or a quality driver ride or race application.

Our shop is fully equipped from the ground up complete, with metal and chassis fabrication facilities and machine shop, as well as in-house body and paint shop, and mechanical and wiring sections, vehicle preparation and detailing, spare parts and we do it all in house.

Paint from bare metal and upholstery including “ground up” restoration and construction, we will handle your needs and exceed your expectations. With nearly 30 years in the restoration and rod building business, Southern Rod & Custom has the organizational ability to adapt to any restoration or construction situation.

We are the only builder that manufactures an all steel body, does design work and custom metal fabrication, and builds a “turn-key” car all “in house”. Effective and efficient project flow is a major priority at Southern Rod & Custom.

With Accolades such as 14 Street Machine cover cars, Motorex best of breed 3 times and countless finalists at both Summernats and Motorex there has never been such an accomplished custom car builder in the country.

Our new facility Southern Rod and Custom is looking forward to continuing this tradition of ground breaking custom cars and showing why they have always been and always will be at the forefront of custom car building for another 30 years.

Since 1988.

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- Shane Rowe


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